The power of R and RStudio

Both them are free! (Both in the sense of beer and in the sense of speech).....



Reproducible Research

The ultimate standard for strengthening scientific evidence is replicatoon of findings and conducting studies with independent study investigators...... read more.....

The power of R and RStudio

The success of using R, RStudio and Git provides a cost efficient way to create reproducible courses for universities and training institutions. With the new RStudio server platform, one can link the platform with the Active Directory for eas of access and usage by students.This also provides a better way to manage the R statistical packages for the course to ensure all the students had the same computing platform even with different personal computers.

RStudio provides an extensive reproducibility and documentation capabilities with Git as a tool for professional statistical skills training. Some of the capabilities are

  • Documentation of the change process by use Git and RStudio - teamwork
  • Incorporating code and content into one file for better management and sharing
  • Efficient synchronization of the cloud (GitHub) and the local course folders
  • Creating reproducible presentations – the students can view the code used to prepare the document, codes used for training and the datasets at one point.
  • Having a folder structure to allow proper reproducibility of documents for future courses
[See the poster here for more details]