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Soko Huru ~ mobile open market
"Soko Huru".
An open mobile market for farmers to market their products. Farmers post their products and the app with a number of registered buyers; they are notified when a farmers brings the product to the market.

Other buyers also can visit the app to buy the products. The app was presented on 2012 on a wireless Wednesday at mLab Nairobe. The theme was Reviewing Mobile App in Agriculture that target Post Harvest Challenges.
"Dr Sider".

This is an interactive Mobile Patient information, recording and feedback system . This is a life changing tool that will help drug users in reporting the side effects of specific drugs using mobile phones.

The app has many features of the locations, multimedia feedback of side effects. It is available in Android application and gives sms updates.
"Leave Management System".
A web application to help organisations in leave management for the staff members. the model of this app was build under MSH (Management Sciences for Health) leave systems.

The main aim of the app is to notify the line managers and the human resource when a staff member request for leave. the app also helps the human resource to know the available staff during that period - he/she can decide to reject the requested leave. The app is build on a mysql database. View >>>
Shiny apps for R-Studio

I always love this tool from R-Studio called Shiny. I have made a number of applications with it and its a super tool. Shiny makes it super simple for R users like you and me to turn analyses into interactive web applications that anyone can use. Let your users choose input parameters using friendly controls like sliders, drop-downs, and text fields. Easily incorporate any number of outputs like plots, tables, and summaries.

No HTML or JavaScript knowledge is necessary. If you have some experience with R, you’re just minutes away from combining the statistical power of R with the simplicity of a web page. Some of the applications I have worked on are pitched here RPubs. The best thing about this tool is that it allows users to deploy apps over the web, and also you can share apps to run locally